Akbar asks for Four Fools

Birbbal and the first fool

One day, when Akbar and Birbal were passing thier time talking of world Birbal said, “The world is full of fools”. On this Akbar asked Birbal to find four biggest fools and bring to the court.

Birbal said, “OK” and asked some time to find them, which Akbar readily gave to him.

Now Birbal started looking for fools. while the was walking down the streets of the town he saw a man carrying a large plate on which were kept some clothes, betel leaves and sweets. He looked like a fool to Birbal, so he asked him “Where are you going to? And to whom you are carrying this?”

The man replied – “My wife had remarried. He would not attend the wedding and now that she has given birth to a child, I am taking this gift for them.” Birbal was convinced that he was a fool, so he considered him a candidate to take to the king.

Not walking long futher, he saw a man riding a buffalo carrying a bundle of grass on his head. Birbal thought he was a big fool to do this act. Birbal went to the man riding the buffalo and asked him, “Why are you carrying this bundle on your head?”

The man replied, “Actually my buffalo is pregnant, so I thought that she should not carry too much load, that is why I have put this bundle on my own head instead of putting it on it.” Birbal considered him another candidate to take to the king.

So next morning he took both people to Akbar and presented them to him as the biggest fools.

“They are only two fools; where are the other two? I asked you to bring four fools.” King asked.

Birbal folded his hands and bending a little said – “Jehaanpanaah, The third fool are you who asked me to bring the fools; and the fourth fool is me who has brought these fools for you.”

When the king heard about their story, he laughed a lot on their foolishness.

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