The blind Vulture

This is a story from those times then, there was a hill sloped that went down to the bank of a river. At the river bank, there was a banyan tree which made the shelter for many birds.

One day, a blind old Vulture came to live in the hollow of the Tree. The birds welcomed the blind vulture and decided to give him a share of their food sincere he was old and blind.

When the blind Vulture saw birds’ concern for him, he was overwhelmed with gratitude. He thought to himself, “As these birds are being so kind to me, it has become my duty to protect their young ones when they are away gathering food. After this, the Vulture used to get food from the Birds and in return, he took care of their young ones while they were away. So like this, all of them were passing days happily.

One day, a cat tree passed by that tree when the birds were away. Hearing the noise of the young ones, she came near the Tree with the hope of catching and eating bird’s young ones. When the Young Ones saw her coming, they made a chirrup. The blind Vulture heard them and shouted, “Who is there?” Seeing the Vulture, the Cat got frightened and said to herself, “O God! I am as good as dead. I need to be brave. Let me make an effort”.

At once, the Cat replied, “O wise one! I just came to pay my tribute to you”. The Vulture asked, “Who are you?” The Cat Answered, “I am a Cat.” The Vulture shouted, “Go away otherwise I’ll eat you up.” The Cat was clever and she made quick responses to the Vulture. She innocently said to the Vulture, “Sir, please atleast listen to me. It is that you are not good discarding me as I belong to a particular race.”

The Vulture decided to listen to her. The Cat said, “I live on the other side of the River. I do not eat meat everyday and take bath in the River daily. I am doing great penance for my sins. I have heard much about your intelligence from the birds on the bank of the River. Theys told me that I should “learn more about religion from you all as you possess great knowledge. So, I came here to become your disciple and seek your blessings. ”

Further she said, “But, I do not feel what the birds told me is true, when you got ready to kill a poor cat. You should have treated me well, after all guests are form of God. Even if you do not have any food to offer me, at least you could “Say something kind to me”. The old Vulture replied, “How can I trust you are carnivorous and young birds reside here.” The clever Cat was well-versed in tantrums.

She touched the ground and her ears as a sign of her honesty and replied, “I’ve read all scriptures and came to know that it is immoral to kill. The entire forest is full of herbs and vegetables. So why should I commit sin by killing birds?” The Vulture believed her and allowed her to stay with him in the hollow Of the Tree. With the passing days, the Cat started “eating bird’s young ones one by one without the knowledge of the Vulture.

When the birds found their young ones missing, they started looking for their kids. As soon as the Cat realized that situation is not in her favor, she quietly slipped away. Unknown about the happening, the blind Vulture lay down near the Hollow of the Tree where the Cat had thrown the bones after eating the young ones. When the Birds saw the bones of their young ones, at once they shouted, “The Blind Vulture has eaten our innocent kids.”

All of them got enraged with the Vulture and they pecked him to death. The poor Vulture didn’t even get the chance to defend himself.

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