Nick and Sam

Nick and Sam
Nick and Sam
Once upon a time there lived two brothers in a town, Nick and Sam. Their mother gave then some money and asked them to go to the store and buy some snacks for themself that evening. Nick and Sam went to a near by store. Nick wanted ham. Sam wanted chips and dip.
“I want to get ham,” said Nick.
“I do not want to get ham,” said Sam. “I want to get chips and dip.”
“I do not like chips and dip,” said Nick.
“What are we going to do?” asked Sam.
The store was big. There were lots of things to get. Nick and Sam could not make up their minds.
“Do you want to eat oranges?” asked Nick.
“I do not know if I want oranges,” said Sam. “Do you want to eat eggs?”
“No, I do not know if I want eggs. We could get figs or nuts.”
“No, I do not know what I want. Do you like pie?” asked Sam.
“No! Do you want to eat cake?” asked Nick.
“No, but I know what we can buy,” said Sam.
They looked arround all the store and finally got some ice cream.

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