Delhi Sultan’s wish to rewite Mahabharat epic

“You are aware Huzoor! that Pandavas were five. All the five were married to Draupadi and were sharing her equally…” Tenali Rama stressed, “We are unable to portray your image as Dharmaraja in this regard, thinking about the prestige of the King of Kings….”

Long before Tenali Rama could complete, Adil Shah hastened to say, “Stop this nonsense now. I cannot take this anymore. Stop rewriting Mahabharat immediately. I can never accept this.”

Tenali Rama tried to say… “Huzoor! We started to work as per your wish…now, how can we turn away from the word given to you by us…”

“Look Poet!” Adil Shah raised his voice, “you should drop the Mahabharat topic as of now if you wish the friendship and co-operation between the two kingdoms to last long.” and walked off the room.

Tenali Rama bubbling with joy returned to his King Sri Krishna Deva and his bandwagon of delegation and explained the whole sequence. Everyone including Sri Krishna Deva appreciated the sharp intelligence and presence of mind Tenali Rama had in solving the toughest problem just like that!

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