Durvasa visit to Pandavas in Forest

This is a short story borrowed from epic of Mahabharatha. The story goes as, onece upon a time lived a great sage, Durvasa. He was now visiting the place of Prince Duryodhana, the envieous cousin of Pandavas.

Duryodhana was served the sage with best of his ability. Dursava was satified and more than happy with Duryodhana’s devotion and service towards him. The great sage wanted to give some benediction to Duryodhana.

Cunning Duryodhana  knew his mystic powers, and he knew also that the mystic sage, if  dissatisfied, could cause some havoc, and thus he designed to engage the brahmana to show his wrath upon his cousins, the Pandavas.

When the rishi wanted to award some benediction to Duryodhana, the  latter wished that he should visit the cotage of Pandavas for Lunch. Pandavas, who were in that time living in forest had limited sources. He also requested that the sage should go to pandavas only after Draupati had finished her lunch.

Duryodhana knew that after Draupati’s eats it would be impossible for Pandavas to serve lunch to any one. When such a large number of brahmana guests will reach their home they will not be able to feed them. Sage Durvasa would be annoyed and would create some trouble for his cousins.

That was the plan of Duryodhana.

Durväsä agreed to this proposal, and he approached the King in exile, according to the plan of Duryodhana, after the King and Draupadi had finished their meals.

On his arrival at the door of Maharaja Yudishtra (Eldest of Pandavas), he was at once well received, and the King requested him to finish his noontime religious rites in the river, for by that time the food would be prepared.

Durväsä, along with his large number of disciples, went to take a bath in the river. Mahäräja Yudishtra and all Pandavas knew they are in deep trouble, they in no means be able to feed the guests.

As long as Draupadi had not taken her meals, food could be served to any number of guests. The sage, by the plan of Duryodhana, reached there after Draupadi had finished her meals.

At this defficult time all they they could was  to remember the Lord for help. So Draupadi was thinking of Lord Krishna. Lord how has promised her that will be present himself if she every so wished even in her thoughts.

He therefore came to the forest to see Draupadi soon as his thoughts flashed to her mind. But with more problem, Krishana came crying out of hunger. He told Draupadi to get whatever food she might have in her stock.

On her being so requested by the Lord, Draupadi was sorrowful because the Supreme Lord asked her for some food and she was unable to serve it at that time.

She said to the Lord that she has no thing to serve and begged the merciful Lord for his forgiveness. By expressing her difficulties she began to cry before the Lord as only a woman would do in such a position.

The Lord insited that he was hungery and without something to eat he can’t think. The Lord, asked Draupadi to bring up the cooking pots to see if there was any  particle of food stuff left.

On so insiting of the Lord, Draupadi got the pot.

The Lord could found one particle of vegetable sticking to the pot.

The Lord at once picked it up and ate it. After doing so, the Lord asked Draupadi to call for her guests, the company of Durvasa.

Bhima was sent to call them from the river. Bhima said, “Why are you delaying, sirs? Come on, the food is ready for you.”

But the brahmanas, because of Lord Krisha’s accepting a little particle of food, felt sumptuously fed, even while they were in the water. That one particle of vegitable accepted by the Lord not only statisfied his own hungery but also of the sage Durvasa and all his desiples.

They thought that since Pandavas must have prepared many dishes for them and since they were not hungry and could not eat, the King would feel very sorry, so it was better not to go there. Thus they decided to leave without going back to the cottage of Pavdavas for lunch.

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