The Elephant and the Jackal

The Elephant and the Jackal

Once upon a time, there lived an Elephant deep in the forest. His name was Karpuratilaka.

He was brutal and haughty by nature. He used to roam in the Forest without restraint. All the animals of the Forest were afraid of Karpuratilaka. Without any purpose, he used to pull down the trees and ripped the branch. In this way, he destroyed countless nests with eggs and crushed many young ones under his feet.

He had created all round chaos in the Forest. Fierce animals like Lion and Tiger would keep themselves at a safe distance from Karpuratilaka. Once it happened that he destroyed the burrow of the Jackal in his merciless stroll. This action of the Elephant was not tolerable to the Jackal and so, he gathered all the animals to kill the Elephant. They had a conversation regarding this and thought it was nearly impossible to kill the Elephant due to his gigantic size.

The Jackal was full of rage and planned to call another meeting. Jackal was ready to do anything to kill the Elephant. So, in the next meeting he told everybody, “Leave everything on me. I will kill the Elephant with my clever thinking”. Everyone agrees to the Jackal.

The next day, Jackal Went to the Elephant bowed before him respectfully and said, “My Lord! favor me with your royal glance.”

The Elephant looked at him and said in a loud voice, “Who are you? Why you have come here?”

The Jackal intelligent replied, “I am only a poor Jackal. Your Majesty, no one can deny your greatness. You are kind-hearted, gentle and possess all qualities of a ruler. Taking these things in the Mind, all the Animals have chosen you to be their King. Please accept this offer and oblige us.”

The Elephant appeared to be happy with the praise all thrown by the Jackal.

Jackal found the time to further appropriée and acclaimed, “Your Highness, the Animals are all eager to see your kingship ceremony. It will be held in the middle of the Forest, where thousands of animals have already gathered to get your glimpse. Our astrologers have told this is the auspicious time for your crowning. Time is slipping fast. So, please come with me without any delay. ”

The Elephant was really pleased by the Jackal’s talk. He always dreamt to become a King. He contemplated that the kingship ceremony is a matter of honor to him. Instantly, he got ready to accompany the Jackal to the ceremony site. The Jackal took the Elephant deep into the forest. On the way, they had to walk through a swampy area by the Side of a lake. The Jackal walked across the swampy region easily.

As soon as the Elephant stepped in the swamp, he got stuck in it. He tried his best to come out of the swamp, to no avail. The more he Tried to move out, The more he went deep into it. He got frightened and called out the Jackal, “Friend, please help me to come out of this mud. I am sinking into the deep mud. Call other animals quickly to help me otherwise I will die. ”

Replied the Jackal, “I am not going to save you. You deserve not to live. You are a cruel, arrogant and merciless creature. You killed my siblings and kids. You have destroyed my burrow and nests of poor birds. I am happy to say that your end has come.”

The Jackal immediately left the place and the Elephant Kept shouting for help. In a little while, the Elephant disappeared, sinking into the deep mud.

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