Four friends and the Lion

Once upon a time four friends lived in a village.  Three of them were big scholars of sciences and life but lagged in common sense.  The fourth boy named Subuddhi was not that well-versed in scriptures or science but had good common sense.  One day all of them thought that there was no use of this great learning and being a scholar if they cannot use this knowledge to earn lot of money and live life lavishly. So, they decided to go out and seek the patronage of kings.  They set out to meet patterns of learning.

On the way, the eldest among them pointing out to Subuddhi and told the others, “Friends, this fellow is an unlettered fool.  He has common sense and nothing else.  I am not going to share my earnings with this fellow.  Let him go home. ”

The second friend supported the suggestion.

The third friend said, “Friends, it is not proper to send him back.  We played together and he is one of us.  Let us share our gains with him as well, after all he is our friend”.

In the end, the other two agreed with the third boy’s suggestion and let Subuddhi  accompany them.  As they continued their journey thought a forest, they saw a heap of bones.  One of the friend siad, “Look, here is an opportunity to test our learnings.  Some animal is dead.  Let us bring it to life using the knowledge we have acquired. ”

Other friend said, “Okay, I will use my learning to assemble the bones into a skeleton.” With the power of learning he ordered all the bones to come together and become a skeleton.

When the skeleton was ready, the second friend commanded flesh and blood to fill the skeleton and skin to cover it.

When the third friend was about to bring life to the body, Subuddhi, who had only common sense, warned his friends, “Look, this looks like the body of a lion.  If It comes to life, he will kill all of us. “.

The friend who was to put life into the body of the animal told Subuddhi, “You are a fool.  Do you think I let go this opportunity to test my learning. ”

Then Subuddhi asked him to wait so that he could climb up a tree for safety and went up a tree.  When the friend gave him life, the lion came alive and killed all the three learned men.

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