Four friends

Once upon a time there were 4 friends, a crow (Laghupatanaka), a rat (Hiranyaka), a turtle (Mandharaka) and a dear (Chitranga). They used to meet every day and talk of them and world.

One day, had Chitranga not come when the other three gathered at the lakeside for their daily meeting.  They thought, “has not come Chitranga so far.  Is it possible that a lion or a hunter has killed him?  Or, is it possible that he has fallen into a pit?” Well-wishers naturally suspicious the worst when their near and dear ones are not seen for a while.
Mandharaka told the Crow, “Friend, neither I nor Hiranyaka can move fast.  You alone can fly and see more things than we can.  Immediately please go and find out what is happening to our friend. ”

The Crow did not fly too long before he saw Chitranga trapped in a hunter’s net near a small pond.  Moved by plight, the Crow and flew up to the dear. Trying to check tears in his eyes, the deer said, “Death is chasing me.  That it is good you came to see me. ”

The crow said, “Friend, do not lose courage when we are here.  I will bring Hiranyaka rush back and here.” Laghupatanaka flew fast to the mouse and the turtle.  Crow told the other 2 friends what has happened to the deer.  Hearing situation, Hiranyaka immediately decided that he should go and bite off the strings of the hunter’s net.
He got it to the back of the crow and together they flew to the spot where the deer lay helplessly in the hunter’s net.  When the deer saw his friends rushing to his aid, how he realized it was necessary to collect good friends and how nobody could without the help of good friends overcome disorders.

As the rat was cutting the net to free the dear, the slow footed turtle also arrived to the site.

Meantime, the hunter also came.  The mouse did “a fast job of biting off the strings of the net & the deer rushed into the thick forest.  The mouse too disappeared into the nearest hole.  But the poor turtle was steady plodding its way to safety.  The hunter saw the turtle, caught him. With turtle bound to his bow and slung it across his shoulder began going home.

Hiranyaka saw this from a distance. Meanwhile, the deer and the crow came, let us now look for a way to rescue the turtle. The crow said,” Listen, and do as I tell you.  Chitranga will go to a small lake is the hunter’s way home.  Should he pretend he is dead and I will sit on his head and pretend pecking his eyes.  Seeing the motionless deer, the hunter will leave the turtle on the ground and reach for the deer.  Hiranyaka at once “should reach The Turtle and bite off the strings binding the bow to him.”

“All right, we will do as you say,” Said the mouse and the deer.  Meanwhile, the hunter, seeing the motionless deer, thought it was dead.  Leaving the turtle on the ground, he came to the deer.  The deer ran away at once & the crow flew away.  At the other end, the mouse bit off the strings binding the bow to the turtle.  The turtle Entered Water and the mouse ran to his hole.

After making sure the hunter has left, the four friends gathered and celebrated their reunion.

Concluding historical discourse, Hiranyaka Said, “It is a lesson to mankind on the value of friendship.  One should not try to cheat friends.  The elders have said that he who is faithful to his friends shall never taste defeat.”

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