Ganiya, who raised false alarms

Once in a village lived a boy, Ganiya. Ganiya derived joy in fooling people and raising false alarms.

One day, Ganiya when to the jungle to collect some woods and posture for the cows. He started shouting, “lion, lion, Save me!”. The people near the Jungle limits heard the cry and thought somebody is in danger. They gathered with other men from the village with arms and went in to the forest to save Ganiya.

When the villagers reached the spot they found Ganiya safe and alone, there was no lion. Ganiya was laughing like crazy at villagers to have fooled them. Villagers were very angry with Ganiya and warned him not to repeat the act.

The day after, Ganiya again went in to the forest and screened for help, “lion, lion, help me”. The villagers agains ran to his rescue. It was a false alarm, Ganiya was laughing on the villagers those who came running for his help. Villagers clenched their fists and gnashed teeth in anger.

Next day again, the people heared the shout for help, and recognizing that it is Ganiya did not act on the call. Ganiya shouted again, “lion, lion, Save me!” and shouted again, “it is a lion this time, please help”. But nobody would turn to his help. They said to themselves the foolish Ganiya is tricking us again!

After sometime it got calm and it was getting dark. When Ganiya did not come out of the forest a search team was sent inside the forest. Soon the search team found that Ganiya has been killed by the lion.

Ganiya had been troubling the villagers with false alarm and when the trouble came nobody ran to his help. Ganiya lost his life due to his habit of fooling people and rasing false alarm.

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