Krishna lifts Govardhana hill
Krishna lifts Govardhana hill

This story dates back to more 5000 years, it was a hot and sunny day in Vrindavan. Everybody was busy with something or the other – decorating the whole village as if it was going to be a big feast. “Father, which festival is everyone preparing for?” young Krishna asked His father Nanda Maharaja. “We are doing all these preparations are to worship Lord Indra, the god of rains,” His father replied.

“Father,” Krishna again nagged His father, “It is the duty of King Indra to give us rain. Let us worship Govardhana hill that protects us from bad weather, cows that give us milk, and river Yammuna that gives us water.”

Nanda Maharaja and all other villagers found sense in the Krishna’s argument and agreed to instead worship Govardhana. The prests chanted vedic hymns and performed the sacrifice.

When Indra heard the news, he began fuming. “How dare they stop my worship and worship a hill instead? Who is this Krishna to stop my worship?

Indra called upon his servant clouds and ordered them to pour thunder showers on Vrindavana.

The dark sky blazed with lightning. The clouds roared with thunder. Hailstones hurled down. The ground became covered with water. The animals shivered from the heavy wind.

To save all his people and animals Krishna went up to the Govardhana hill and lifted it up on his little finger! All the people took shelther under the hill.

Indra was astonished but continued to harass the hill with thunderbolts and rain. After one week, Indra recognized the Supremacy of Lord Krishna, stopped the rain and begged forgiveness from Krishna.