Hari, Cony and hungry Fox

Cony, the crow
Cony, the crow

One fine day, Hari set out to make friends. On the way, Cony crow asked Hari,”Hari, would you be my friend?”

“No, Cony. You are a nice crow but not my type” said Hari.

Next, Hari met a Foxy fox. He thought, “Foxy is handsome and smart. He should be my friend.”

The hungry Foxy saw Hari, and caught him. “I am going to eat you,” said Foxy.

Cony heard this and though she should do something to help Hari in this hour of crises. She attached Foxy and freed Hari.

Hari said, “Thanks you Cony, you saved my life.”

“I will never judge anyone only by appearance again”, thought Hari.

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