Hari the parrot and kite

Hari the parrot and Kite
Hari the parrot and Kite

Shelly Turtle brought a beautiful Kitty kite from her friend. She has been flying it for some days. It was then Hari Parrot saw this beautiful kite. Hari wanted to be friends with Kitty. He went up to Kitty and asked, “Let’s be friends!”. “No, I do not want to be friend with a parrot”, Kitty replied rudely. Hari was sad to hear this.
Suddenly a strong wind blew and the Kitty kit’s string broke. THe Kitty went out of control of Shelly. “Help, Help, Somebody please help me!”, cried Kitty.
When Hari saw this, Hari flew and caugth Kitty in his beak. Hari then brought Kitty safely back to Shelly. Shelly thanked Hari for his kind gesture.
Kittly was ashamed of her conduct. She said to Hari, “Friend, I am sorry. I will no longer be proud.”

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