Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Once up on time there lived boy called Jack who was brave and intelligent. He lived with his mother in a small cottage and their most valuable possession was their cow, Milky-White. Now Milky-White was old and gave them no milk. So, Jack’s mother thought that she must sell it.

“Take her to market to sell,” she told Jack, “and make sure you get a good price for her.”

Then Jack set out to market leading Milky-White by her halter. Jack walked for a while and then he sat down to rest by the side of the road. An old man came by and asked Jack where was he going.

Jack told him, “I am going to the market to sell the Cow”

“Don’t bother to go to the market,” the old man said. “Sell your cow to me. I will pay you well. Look at these beans. Only plant them, and overnight you will find you have the finest bean plants in all the world. You’ll be better offwith these beans than with an old cow or money. Now, how many is five, Jack?”

“Two in each hand and one in your mouth,” replied Jack, as sharp as a needle.

“Right you are, here are five beans,” said the old man and he handed the beans to Jack and took Milky-White’s halter.

When he reached home, his mother asked, “Back so soon, Jack? Did you get a good price for Milky-White?”

Jack told her that he exchanged the cow for five beans and before he could finish his talk, his mother started to shout and box his ears.

“You lazy good-for-nothing boy!” she screamed, “How could you sell our cow just for five old beans? What will we live on now? We shall starve to death, you stupid boy.”

She flung the beans through the open window and sent Jack to bed without his supper.

When Jack woke the next morning there was a strange green light in his room. All he could see from, the window was green leaves. A huge beanstalk had shot up overnight. It grew higher than he could see. Quickly Jack got dressed and stepped out of the window right onto the beanstalk and started to climb.

“The old man said the beans would grow overnight,” he thought. “They must indeed be very special beans.”

Higher and higher Jack climbed until at last he reached the top and found himself on a strange road. Jack followed it until he came to a great castle where he could smell the most delicious breakfast. Jack was hungry. It had been a long climb and he had had nothing to eat since midday the day before. Just as he reached the door of the castle he nearly tripped over the feet of an enormous woman.

“Here, boy,” she called. “What are you doing? Don’t you know my husband likes to eat boys for breakfast? It’s lucky I have already fried up some bacon and mushrooms for him today, or I’d pop you in the frying pan. He can eat you tomorrow, though.”

“Oh, please don’t let him eat me,” pleaded Jack. “I only came to ask you for a bite to eat. It smells so delicious.”

Now the giant’s wife had a kind heart and did not really enjoy cooking boys for breakfast, so she gave Jack a bacon sandwich. He was still eating it when the ground began to shake with heavy footsteps, and a loud voice boomed: “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum.”

“Quick, hide!” cried the giant’s wife and she pushed Jack into the oven. “After breakfast, he’ll fall asleep,” she whispered. “That is when you must creep away.” She left the oven door open a crack so that jack could see into the room. Again the terrible rumbling voice came:

“Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum,

I smell the blood of an Englishman,

Be he alive or be he dead,

I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

A huge giant came into the room. “Boys, boys, I smell boys,” he shouted. “Wife, have I got a boy for breakfast today?”

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