Kitty the cat and Bunny the rabit


Cat and Rabbit
Cat and Rabbit

There once lived Kitty Cat and Bunny Rabbit. They were great friends. Every evening they used to play and talk of everything under the Sun.

It was one of the hot summer day and Kitty couldn’t not hunt for her food. She was terribly hungry for her lunch. Not finding anything to eat, Kitty thought, “May be I can go to my Bunny and explain my ordeal. He will empathize and offer me to eat him!”

To that afternoon Kitty when to Rabbit’s home. “Knock-knock, Bunny this is Kitty”. Bunny was taking a nap after his lunch. He was surprised to hear Kitty on a hot lazy afternoon. “Kitty, it is quite hot with Sun on its peak. We will play in the evening! Go away let me sleep.”

“Bunny, I have something important to explain you. It is right now, please come out.”

“What is it?” cried Bunny

“Look today I had been doing lot of work and could find neither some breakfast nor lunch. I am really hungry” replied Kitty.

“Oh! I am sorry Kitty, I have just finished my lunch and don’t have anything left with me either to offer you.”

“How silly is this Bunny, why doesn’t he understand what I want”, Kitty siad to herself. “If you come out I will eat you and fulfill my hunger. I am good to eat you. I also promise you that I will eat you really quickly so you will not feel any pain either!” replied Kitty.

“Kitty, are you mad! You will eat me in your lunch? I will die.” told Bunny.

“This Bunny will not come out like that I have to play some trick”. “OK, now since I have come all the way to your home you can at least come out and say me Hello.” Kitty said.

“Do you think I will come out to be your Lunch? I am not a fool. I know if I come out you will pounce on he and eat me”

Kitty replied, “You are my friend I promise I will not eat you. Please come out and see me once.”

“OK, only if you promise. I come out.”

As Bunny came out of his home, Kitty leaped on him to catch him. Bubby was quick to react and ran. Bunny ran and ran with Kitty chasing him. Both were good runners, but Kitty was all hands down a better runner. They ran for quite some long and soon Kitty was very close to Bunny. Bunny then found a burrow and hides him inside it. Kitty could not get in! Kitty was very disappointed.

Kitty said, “I am a better runner but today you won the race. Tell me Bunny how! What did you eat today?”

Bunny replied, ” It’s not what I ate. I won because I was running for life today!”

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