Krishna & Sudama’s friendship

krishna sudama story

This the store of Lord Krishna & Sudama’s friendship. Sudama was a poor Brahmin. He didn’t even have enough food to serve two meals a day to his family.

Sudama was very sad that night then his children slept without food. I said to his wife, “What can be done? We can’t ask for favors from anybody.”

Sudama’s wife replied, “You talk of Krishna so often. You have told me that you have a deep bond of friendship with him. He is the King of Dwarka, so why don’t you go to him?”

Sudama found wisdom in the words of his wife. He decided to go to Dwarka & said, “I’ll definitely go to Krishna but I have to take some gift for Krishna. What gift can I get for the king?”

Sudama’s wife borrowed some rice from their neighbor. She bound it in a piece of torn cloth & Sudama took the bundle & left for Dwarka.

On seeing the city of Dwarka, Sudama was amazed. The entire town was built with gold & the people were very well-off. He asked for directions for Krishna’s palace & finally reached there. Sudama looked like a hermit. The palace guards stoped him and asked, “Why have you come here?”

Sudama answered, “I want to meet Krishna, he is my friend. Go & tell him that Sudama has come.”

The guard smirked on seeing Sudama’s attire. However, he hesitantly went & informed Krishna of Sudama’s arrival. On hearing Sudama’s name, Krishna immediately stood up & ran bare foot to meet him. Everyone looked on in wonder upon seeing such a great King running bare-footed to meet a begger.

Krishna took Sudama into the palace. They recalled their childhood days at the Sandipani’s school. Seeing Krishna’s wealth, Sudama felt ashamed of the gift (rice) that he had brought for Krishna. He though it is better not to offer this to Krishna. He tried to hide the bundle but Krishna snatched it from him. While enjoying the rice Krishna said, “I have never tasted such sweetness in anything else.”

Later, they sat to have their meal which was served in gold plates. Sudama felt sad as he remembered his hungry children at home. He stayed at the palace for two days but he couldn’t prepare himself to ask Krishna for any favors. On the third day, he got ready to go back home. Krishna embraced Sudama & escorted him out as he bid him farewell.

On the way back, Sudama wondered, “What shall I say when my wife asks me what I’ve brought back?”

As Sudama approached home, he could not find his hut! Instead, his wife came out from a magnificent palace & dressed in elegant clothes. She told Sudama, “Look at Krishna’s might; we have been rid of our poverty. Krishna has ended all our miseries.” Sudama recollected Krishna’s pure love & his eyes welled up with tears of joy.

True friendship doesn’t distinguish between high & low status or between riches & poverty. Therefore today, even after thousands of years, the friendship of Krishna & Sudama is remembered all over the world as a symbol of true friendship.

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