Mottu Hippo & Bunny’s carrats

Motu Hipo
Mottu Hipo

One fine morning, Mottu was as usually laying lazily under a tree and day dreaming of eating mangoes in his breakfast. Just than Bunny rabbit approached Mottu with sad looks and broke Mottu’s yummy delicious mango dream!

“Mottu! that bad Kuku took away all my carrots.She kept them all on the highest branch of the tall Mango tree. Please Mottu, please help me get my carrots back!” cried Bunny.

“Help? Well, Bunny, I am too big to climb a tree and that to up to the last branch! I can’t help you dear.”  said lazy Mottu. “I am tired too, as I didn’t have enough breakfast.”

Hear thus the poor Bunny started crying. Mottu felt very bad for him and said, “OK, stop crying! Let go up there and see what can be done.”

Mottu followed the Bunny first up and then down the hill.

“See there, that’s the bad Kuku sitting on her mango tree. Mottu go and catch her before she fly away with my carrots “, shouted Bunny.

As Mottu looked up on the tree, he lost control on his huge and bulky body. Ahh!!! he slipped and rolled down the hill. He rolled and rolled hard to hit against the Mango tree with a THUD!

As the tree shook, the scared Kuku flew away and all the carrots fell down. Along, fell many ripe mangoes. Bunny collected all his carrots.

“Thanks, Mottu for giving me back my carrots,” said Bunny.

“Thanks to you also, Bunny! Now I have lot of mangoes for my breakfast,” Mottu said happily.

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