Mr Green & Aarav – Green world, happy world

As every morning, Aarav was waiting for his school bus at the bus stop just across the children’s park. Just then he saw a big car stopped by the children’s park. An elderly looking person rushed out the car with a black garbage bag. He looked around if anyone was around to notice him. Finding nobody around him, he threw his garbage bag into the bushed, and hurried up to his car.[col type=”one-fourth”]

Mr Green
              Mr Green


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Aarav run up to the man, and said, “Hey uncle, what you just did is bad. You shouldn’t be doing this”.

“What?”, asked the old man ignorantly.

Suddenly, the place filled up with smoke, and a huge figure of Mr. Green appeared.

“Sir, don’t you know one should not through the garbage in the public places? You are polluting the park!”, Mr. Green said.

“I am sorry, please pardon me! I will never to this again!” frightened old man cried.

The old man took his garbage back and went away. Then, Mr. Green gave Aditya a magic green ring and said,  ”I am happy with you. Take this ring and whenever you need my help, rub this ring and I will come to your help.”

Mr. Green and Aarav laughed a loud and sang, “Green world, happy world!”

If you also want to befriend with Mr Green and get his magic green ring, tell us your story. What did you do save our mother earth?


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