Mr Green and Aarav help Arvind Uncle

Planting treesOne evening Aarav was returning after playing the garden when he met Arvind Uncle. He was looking very disturbed. Aarav said, “Hello Uncle! You look very sad. What’s the matter”.

Arvind uncle pointed out towards an open piece of land just across his house and said, “People are using this place to throw their garbage. It is getting difficult for us to live here.”

Aarav though for a while, and then rubbed his magical ring. The very moment the place was filled with smoke and with the smoke Mr. Green appeared.

“What is the problem dear friend? How can I help you?”, said Mr Green.

Aarav explained the problem of the dumping ground to Mr Green.

On this Mr Green thought for a while and said,”There is only one solution to this dumping ground problem. Let’s do some beautification of this place. And then everybody will think twice before dumping the garbage here.”

Arvind Uncle rubbed his forehead, “Yes you are right, nobody will like to dirty a beautiful looking place. But what should we do?”

“Let’s make a garden here. That would be great fun. And everybody will like it.” suggested Aarav.

Mr Green, Arvind Uncle and Aarav began to plough the ground. They bought some plants and planted them there. They watered the plants and made the place beautiful in a short time.

“No one will now think of dumping garbage here. Thank you Aarav! Thank you Mr Green!” Arvind Uncle said.

Then they all sang the slogan together, “Green world, happy world!”

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