Mr Green and Aarav

Mr Green
Mr Green

One day, Aarav was returning back from the school. He alighted his school bus and as walked towards his house, he took out a toffee from his pocket. Aarav removed the wrapper, and ate the toffee. Then, he casually threw the wrapper on the road.

Suddenly, the place filled with smoke and a giant man appeared in front. Aarav starting running out of fear and cried, “Help, help”

Just then the giant said, “Hello boy, Please stop. I am not going to hurt you. But think, what did you just do?”

“What did I do”, said Aarav innocently.

“You threw down the toffee wrapper on the road.”

“So?” asked Aarav

“Don’t you know that you are hurting Mother Earth by littering her with trash?”

Aditya thought for a while and said,”Yes, you are right. I am sorry! I will never harm Mother Earth ever after.”

“Good boy”, the giant added, “My name is Green. Let’s help others also to know how to help ourselves to protect the place we live in.”

“Yes!”, said Aavar, “I am Aarav. I will join you to make the Earth a better place to live!”

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