Netaji and the hooligan chief

This is story of a great man who lives in the hearts of people of India. He was not just any leader, he was indeed a man of deeds, one who led from front and still had an eye that no one is left behind. He had an extraordanary and born great persona. With gifted intelect and zeal to help mankind he roase to the highs. He was fond of life and would leave no stone unturned to make Earth a better place for life to smile, he helped the poor, the sick and the needy whenever he could.

This is around 1924, when cholera was on the rise in Kolkata (then Calcutta). The cities rich and influencial have desered and fled from the city. In his youth and much to see in life, he stood like a wall to give a fight to the pandemic. That time when there was little medical facility, with none for for the poor. He went to the poorest section of city and treated the sick.

With no exception he had come to be mote in eye of bullies and thugs. They could not stand his selfless work and love for fellow beings. They came to threaten him and said, “Don’t you ever step out here and bother us. We don’t want you. You are well educated and come from a rich family, while we are poor and ignorant. But we know all your malified intensions. Go, leave us alone.” Undeterred, the man replied, “I am not here to pleasee you and I dont bother whatever you may do to me. I am not afraid of death as that is one true of every living. I’ve come into the world to help the poor and sick. I’ll continue to bring money and food and try to help as much as I can.”

The same eve it so happened, this hooligan-gang chief’s only son was bitten by a poisionus snake. Holding no grudge the young man went to bullie’s house and cared for his son, feeding him and giving him medical treatment. The hooligan-gang chief was deeply moved. “I threatened you and warned you not to come here, and still you come to help my son. You’re an incredible, brave man.”

The young man said, “It’s not a matter of bravery; it’s a matter of necessity. I see God, the very divine in everyone. When I see someone suffering, I feel it is my duty to help. One must help one’s brother when he is in need.”

The bullie, speachless, filled with shame and guilt, then fell on his knees to the young man.

 This matchless leader and patriot was none other than Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.