Royal Mother’s Last Wish

This went on until afternoon. In the later afternoon, one Brahmin pleaded Tenali Rama to give him two burns becasue he wished two golden mangoes. Tenali Rama immediately fulfilled the Brahmins wish.

Then the Brahmin approached the King. As usual, the King handed him one mango. The Brahmin immediately requested the King, “My Lord! I had two burns please give me two golden mangoes.”

The King did not understand what was happening. He enquired, “What burns?”

Then the Brahmin narrated the entire story about Tenali Rama and burns.

The King was red in anger asked his solders to call Tenali Rama.

When Tenali Rama arrived, the King questioned him, “Tenali Rama, what is non-sense happening. Why are you doing this brutality on these poor and innocent Brahmins?”

Tenali Rama very politely and innocently, as if nothing was amiss, explained. “My Dear King! I am an unlucky person. Recently my mother succumbed to a chronic disease. She wished all during her bed ridden period to cauterise her back so that she could become healthy and live longer.”

Wiping the tears dropping on his cheeks, Ramalinga continued, “Probably she would have lived. Nevertheless, I did not heed to her requests. She died with it on her lips. I thought of presenting it to the Brahmins, as I failed to fulfil my mother’s last wish.

However, me being a poor man cannot invite such huge number of Brahmins. Anyway, all of these had come on your invitation and I am trying to fulfil my mother’s last wish in this manner. With all due respects to the King, I beg for pardon for my deeds, if I am wrong.”

The King analysed that Tenali Rama was attempting to teach his a lesson. He then recalled Thimmarusu’s pleas about the drastically dropping gold reserves in the exchequer.

Appreciating the presence of mind and loyalty, the King immediately stopped the programme.

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