Sam and the Bear family

Bear family
Once there lived a family of Bear in the forest. There were three of them in the family, Papa Bear, Mumma Bear and Baby Bear. They had a beautiful home with many collectables across the globe.
Pappa Bear used to work with a circus company. With his company he had travelled many places. Mumma Bear would generally stay a home and take care of the Baby Bear.

It was a bright sunny day and Mumma Bear had prepared porridge for the breakfast. She poured the porridge in three bowls. The big bowl was for the Papa Bear, medium for the Mumma and the small for the Baby Bear. The Papa bear said that the porridge was too hot to eat right away. So, let go out and take a wake in the forest and by the time the porridge will be just right to eat.

Just back the Bears had left, came a girl named Sam to their home. She had lost her way in the forest. She was very happy to find the cottage. Hoping to get some help she went up to the cottage and knocked. When nobody replied she tried the doorknob. Since the door was not locked she went inside the house. It was a sweet little tidy home. She was happy to be here. There she also found the porridge, it smelled delicious. By this time she was very hungry and was tempted to eat it. First she tried the big bowl, the porridge was still hot. Then she tried the medium bowl, the porridge was cold. And she tried the small bowl. Ah! That’s just right to eat thought Sam and eat all the porridge.

Then she was very tried and thought if she would take a good nape. She looked around and found her way to the bed room. There she saw three beds. The first one was too big for her. The second was very soft. The third bed was just of right size and comfort. She was soon went a sleep in the small bed.
After sometime then the Bear family found that their door was wide open. They thought somebody have been visiting them. When they went inside the Papa bear said, somebody has tasted porridge from my bowl. Mama bear said, somebody has tasted the porridge from my bowl as well! The Baby Baer cried, somebody eat all my porridge.

Then the Bears when in their bed room and the Papa Bear said, somebody had slept in my bed. Mumma Bear said, somebody had been in my bed as well. The Baby Bear cried, somebody is sleeping in my bed.
Hearing the shout the Sam woke up. She was frightened at the sight of the bears and jumped out of the bed. She ran very fast of the house and stop only when she reached her home.

Bear Family
Bear Family

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