Shelly the turtle and the shark

Shelly and the shark
Shelly and the shark

Once upon a time there lived a turtle named Shelly. As any turtle, Shelly had a very strong shell on her back. It was bright sunny day when Shelly thought of visiting a friend.
On the way Shelly met the baby-shark, Sharo. Sharo roared at Shelly and said, “Shelly, I am going to eat you today”
Hearing this Shelly got afraid but then a cleaver idea stuck her and she said, “You can’t eat me, my back is very strong, like a  rock.
Sharo would not like to believe this, “you are joking!!! I am not a fool”
“I challenge to bit me back then” Shelly said.
As the Sharo came up and bit the Shelly’s shell, he broke his tooth and cried out of pain, “Aah” “You are really made of stone, I can’t eat you”. Sharo then left the place and Shelly laughted alound and went to her friend’s house.

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