Singing compeitition at Hari’s school

Shelly & Hari
Shelly & Hari


One day, Hari’s (the parrot) class teacher announced a singing competition. Hari was over joyed to learn this.

He went straight to Shelly the turtle and said with excitement, “Shelly, If I win the singing competition at my school, my mom will be very happy with me.”

“But how can I win? I don’t know singing!” said Hari, “Please do something for me Shelly, help me out.”

Shelly said, “What can I do for you?”

Hari had an idea. Hari said, “You are a very good singer. You can do background singing for me and I will do just the lip movement. Everybody will then think I am singing – this what they do in Boolywood movies also!”

Shelly agreed to help her friend. Hari was happy and thanked Shelly for his kind support

The next day, Hari went to his class confidently of wining the competition. When teacher called Hari’s name, he sang a beautiful song. Everybody clapped for Hari. His song was so melodious that his class teacher asked him to sing another song.

Hari began to sing another song. But now Shelly was not there to sing in the background. After singing the first song Shelly went away to her own class. A frightened Hari stopped singing, and started looking out for Shelly.

The teacher got furious. “Get out” he shouted.

Hari was deeply ashamed and when out sadly.

“Oh, Hari I am good for nothing fellow”, said Hari to Shelly.

“No hari that’s not true! You searched for a shortcut. But there is no shortcut to success,” consoled Shelly.

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