Story of 3 fishes

Once upon a time there lived 3 fish siblings in a pond. The pond was beautiful and full of fishes and other sea creatures. Once two passing by fisherman noticed the pond and one of them said there are lot of fishes in the pond. Lets do fishing here. The other fisherman said its now evening lets come tomorrow morning and our luck. They both agreed on this and went.

One of the 3 fish siblings heard the fisherman making the plan. He went back and called all the fishes to alarm them of the approaching danger. He suggested that we must leave this pond over night and move to some other place to save our lives. The third sibling did not agree to the idea. he said life and death are all in hands of the god. Without his will nobody can kill us. I will not go from this pond. This is my motherland. Despite lot of persuasion he did not agree and stayed back.

Next day the fisherman came and did good fishing. the third fish sibling was one of the fishes caught by the fisherman.

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