Story of a lion & lioness

The Lion and jackal's cub
The Lion and jackal's cub
Once upon a time there lived a lion couple in a forest. In course of time, the lioness delivered two lion cubs. Every day, the lion went out and brought food for the lioness and the cubs. One day, the lion wandered all over the forest in search of food but could not find any prey at all. At sunset, the lion gave up his search and was returning home when he found a jackal cub. The lion took a fancy for him and took him home and gave him to his wife.

 The lioness asked her husband, “Did you get us any food today?”

 “I found this cub. That’s all,” said the lion.

 “I haven’t killed him because he is a child. But if you are very hungry, you can have this child for your meal.”

 The lioness was angry and asked her husband, “How can I kill him when you spared him his life?”

 “I will treat him like my third son,” said the lioness.

 Thereafter, the new jackal cub became one of the family and the three ate, drank, played and slept together.

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