Story & Truth

Once there lived two beautiful girls. There lovely cottage was at the far end of the village close to woods. Both of them were great friends and enjoyed each other’s company. In course of their talks they started arguing, it became intense and in to time both the good friends were at each other’s throat. With cross swords and all horns locked, they decided to through a challenge to prove their point – who is more beautiful among the two.

The contest was that the girls will talk down to the other end on the village though the main street and return back. The one who comes with higher number of friends and fan following will be the winner of the contest and she is more beautiful than the other.

One of these two girls named Truth said, I will go first in to the village. And so she dressed in white robe with a black scarf walked down the lane. As she entered the village, people on the street stopped talking, the shops started closing doors, people started to return back in to their homes. The street was soon a deserted place with only a few people out on the street. Truth reached the other end of the street and she had no friends yet. Truth thought, “I have walked all the way down the main street of the village and I have no friends! I am going to lose.”

She was getting desperate. “I have to do something, what should I do that people throng on me, when I talk back up to my cottage back. I have to win this contest at any cost.” She said to herself, “If I remove my clothes!”

And so she dropped her cloths and started talking back. People standing on thier windows closed the windows and pulled up the curtains and the a few people on the street rush back to the housed and locked the doors. Now there no one on the street by the time Truth reached back.

It was now the turn of Story, the other girl to take the challenge. As Story draped in colorful stepped down the street – it worded wonder – people opened up there windows and doors. There was talk everywhere about story, many people befriended with story and followed her down the other end of the town, when the story walked back it was like a fair and she was the center of the fair. When she turned to the cottage she had lots of friends and fans!!!

It was evident that Story is the clear winner.

Truth said, “I have lost, nobody likes me, am I that ugly?”

To this Story replied, “It’s not that you are ugly, in fact you are as beautiful. But people do not like Truth in black and white. They would never ever like naked Truth!”

Story then gave her colorful mantle to the Truth and draped it beautifully around Truth. In this colorful dress Truth looked very graceful. Story then asked Truth to go in the village. This time it worked miracle – people welcomed Truth and this time when she returned back to the cottage all the people of the village were her fans!!!

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