Tenali Rama and the Magician

Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama was a court poet in King Krishnadeva Raya’s court in Vijayanagar. The storier of his cleaverness and wit are very famous and popular.

One day a magician entertained everyone preasent in the court with his cleaver tricks. Later he challenged the people there to defeat him in magic. No one in the court dared to take up the challenge.

Tenali Rama stood up and asked the magician to take up a challenge.

He said, “I will ask you to perform an act with your eyes open which I will perform with my eyes closed.”

The magician said, “I can definitely do anything with my eyes open which you can do with your eyes closed”.

Tenali Rama whispered something to the guard. In no time the guard brought some sand. Tenali Rama closed his eyes and flung some sand on his eyes.

He then turned to the magician and said, “ Now please do this with your eyes wide open.”

The magician accepted his defeat and left. Krishnadeva Raya praised Tenali Rama and rewarded him.

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