The Bear and the Hare, Chapter 1

The Bear and the Hare

Once upon a time there lived a Bear and a Hare. They were great friends. The stories of their friendship were famous all over the place. They both had grown up together always treating each other fair and square.

The cunning Fox was very jealous of their friendship. One day in the class he whispered to Bear, “Do you know what your so-called friend; the Hare has being talked around for you?”

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” said Bear coming on the edge of his chair!

“Well that’s what I am here to tell you, the Hare makes fun of what you wear”.

This news made Bear awfully sad, that friend Hare could be so unfair.

But there really was a bigger problem, the whisperer had lied! The Hare never would make fun of his friend but that truth went unknown to the Bear.

The Hare asked and asked his best friend the reason for his constant despair but bear had just too much pride. Bear said to himself I care a damn what the Hare thinks about me, I know I am the best.

It was the senseless end of something special – a bond of trust and friendship that is rare. If bear had simply answered his friend the problem could have ended right there!

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