The Donkey’s wisdom

Wise Donkey

Once there lived a farmer with his old donkey in a small village. One day, it so happend that the farmer lost his donkey. While searching for the donkey he heard loud cries coming from a well. He looked down the well and found his old donkey crying miserablely.

He thought to himself, the Old donkey must have received a lot of injuries. He will not be able to recover from these wounds and suffer the pain all his life. Its better to bury the Donkey in the well and close the well to prevent the future calamities.

So the farmer called his neighbors for help and they all started throwing mud inside the well.

Initially one could hear the loud cries coming from well but slowly the cries stopped coming. After some time they looked down the well. To their amazement the donkey was still very much alive.

As the farmers were throwing Mud into the well, the donkey was shaking the mud from its back and was taking one step up. This way the donkey was gaining height in the well and was coming closer to edge of well and soon it was out from the calamity.

All challenges in our life are like the mud which life throws at us. We just need to shake off the mud and take one step up. All challenges are opportunities to rise high.

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