The four cheats and the old woman

Once upon a time there lived a old woman and four crooked cheats in Vijaynagar. The old woman was known for her honesty. There came across four cheats hearing of this woman with foul intentions. They asked the old woman to keep a little bundle for them and told her to give it back only when all four were present. One of them, however, returned alone and successfully tricked the old woman into giving him the bundle.

Later the other three came to collect the bundle. She explained she had given it to the man who had come earlier. They were very angry and took her to court.

The King Krishnadeva Raja listened to the complaint. The three cheats cried, “So, you see, Sir, she has to pay us compensation now!”

tenaliram story
Tenaliram and the King

With King’s permission Tenali Rama spoke, “The old woman will give you the bundle itself,” and pausing a little, he added, “provided all four of you are present together.”

There was laughter in the court and the three men realized that they had lost the case.

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