The Jackal and the Drum

A hungry jackal was out searching for the food and ended up at an abandoned battlefield. He heard loud and strange sounds on the field and got scared.  He Thought, “I must run away from here before the man who is making sounds catches me.” After a while he told himself, “I must not run away like that.  Let me find out what really the sounds are and who is making them. Be it fear or happiness one must know its cause.  Such a person will never regret his actions.  So, let me first look for the source of these noises.”
Warily, marched the Jackal in the direction from where the sound was coming and found a drum there.  It was this drum, which was making the sounds. Whenever the tree branch brushed against the drum the drum would sound.  Relieved, the Jackal began to play with the drum. He thought that he could find food inside the drum.  The Jackal pierced the Drum but to find it empty.  He was disappointed to find no food in it.  Yet he consoled himself “Saying that he rid himself of the fear of sound”.
Therefore one should not be afraid of sounds. One should always try to find the cause for his fear and overcome it.

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