The king and the deer

Once a king when out for hunting in the forest. After a long search, the king saw a beautiful deer. The king took out his bow and aimed at the dear but missed.

The king
The king

The frightened deer ran for his life. The king followed the deer deep in to the woods. Chasing the deer, the king entered a very thick forest. So, he got down from his horse, and followed the deer on foot.

Suddenly, the king fell in to a quick sand. “Help me! please help me!”, cried the king. But no body would hear him in this deep forest.

Just then the deer heard the king’s cry and rushed back to  the king for help. “Hold on to my antlers. I will pull you out.” said the deer. The king was saved by the deer. “Friend, you have saved my life, I will fulfill all your wishes. Tell me what do you what as a reward?”, asked the king.

“My dear king, only reward I seek from you is my freedom.”, said the deer.

The king thanked the deer for his kind gesture and saving his life and returned back to the palace.

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