The lion king and a folish wolf

The king and the fooly
The king and the fooly

There once lived a great Lion – Mighty, the King of Corbet forest. He was indeed as gerat and mighty king. He would take care of all his subjects and everybody was happy in his rule.

Over the time Mighty grew lonely and had no body of his own. He was losing all the charm of his life and getting dull. He then decided to adopt a child.

He called up his minister and told him that he has decided to adopt a kid. So the minister should visit the orphanage and identify eligible kids. He will like to meet kids tomorrow in the court.

While he was instructing this to his minister, somebody overheard the conversation. It was no one else but the king’s own guard Fooly, the wolf.

Fooly said to himself, “Just imagine if king adopts me!”. And started day dreaming.

Next day the court started and king summoned his minister. Before the minister would come with kids from the orphanage, Fooly rushed to the king and said, “My lord, I am like your own kid and I have always served you as my father. Please adopt me.”

King replied, “My dear Fooly, I am looking for a young kid and not as old as you! Now go and get the minister and the kids”

But the Fooly was not really to give up his chance to be the king’s heir. He thought let me wear a mask of a lion’s cub and then king will certainly like me.

Fooly in the mask of a loin’s cub went to the king and said, “Dear Sir, I have no parents. Please take me in your adobe!”

Mighty recognized Fooly in a glance. “Fooly, I know it is you. Please do not pester me. Go away and call the minister.”, ordered the king.

Fooly was still not in a mood to let it go and he thought of giving it a final try. This time he took an attire of a monkey.

“Dear king, I am Funny, the monkey. Please take me as your child. I am very funny I shall always keep you amused, you shall never get bored in my company.”

The king recognized Fooly again. The king lost his anger this time!

“You idiot! You can’t fool me by wearing any mask! This too much. Now get ready to die.”, roared Mighty.

As Mighty was about to pounce over Fooly, he head a sweet little meow. “Meow, meow!” It was a cute little kitten, who had run into the court, chasing a butterfly.

“Wow! what a cute little kitten, I love him, my child.”, exclaimed Mighty. He picked up the kitten, placed him on his thrown and began to play with him.

By then, the king had already forgotten about his foolish guard.

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