The love story of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Their lips met after what seemed like an Eternity. The man’s hand brushed her cheek gently and she held it there, transfixed by his touch. She could feel him deepening the kiss and her heart began pounding. Like other girls she always dreamed of her first kiss but never imagined it to be like this . She began to lose control on all her senses, even as his hands wove into her hair, pushing back the hood that accompanied her disguise. Her arms slithered their way around his neck, pulling him closer. Part of her mind screamed that this was going too far, after all they had just met. She barely knew him, and if her father ever found out… “Wait.” She said, pulling away reluctantly. “I am sorry, I just can not do this..”

“No, it’s my fault, I got carried away…” the young man replied sheepishly as he ran a hand through his messy hair. She could see the faintest trace of a blush on his cheeks, which made her smile. He was very much a man, but she found him both incredibly handsome and endearing, like a child.

“I’m Aladdin…by the way.”


Aladdin, was street rat in the town of Agrabah met Princess Jasmine when she ran out of the palace and went into a market, disguising herself as a commoner. She had hurt herself in her eye. Aladdin help her selflessly in the hour of need. While helping her with the wound in her eye, Aladdin lost himself in the beautiful eyes of the princess.

“Jasmine…like the flower?” Aladdin grinned charmingly before adding, “The flowers not even half as beautiful as you.”

“Thank you.” she answered, a smile gracing her features.

Jasmine thought to her self, He is very sincere and sweet, unlike those princes that her father had arranged to court her. And he had actually listened to her with a keen interest in what she was saying. He was so different than those suitors then why can she not have Aladdin instead of one of those swaggering peacocks? It was not fair. It is also not fair that I am keeping him in the dark about who I am , she thought suddenly, feeling a wave of guilt.

And Aladdin said to himself, Oh, God… please do not let her be married to anybody else… Jasmine is so different. She is smart, and fun, and…

Just then Jasmine said, “Aladdin, I have to tell you something…”

“I am…I am the Sultan’s daughter.”

Wait… what? His mouth opened in shock at this statement. The Princess? After a few moments his brain kicked into gear and he lowered himself to a bow.  “Forgive me, Your Highness…” he managed to say, the words causing a strange sensation in his throat.

I am state of shock, Aladin on his knee thinks – The Princess… I kissed, I might eve love the Princess. Commoners were forbidden to even look at the Princess, weren’t they? And he’d touched her, kissed her, and what a kiss it had been. She was the closest to heaven he could ever get. He had wondered if this was all a dream… it had all been so wonderful . She had been the only one ( besides Abu ) that had understood him, that knew what it was like to be trapped. But she is the Princess. Whatever they could have had would never be. He supposed he get beheaded for this, or worse.

“Aladdin, stand up.”

“Your Highness?”

Before he could do anything else she knelt down, took his hands, and pulled him to his feet.

Aladdin stared at the ground humbly, not sure what to say. His heart fluttered a bit when she lifted his chin so his eyes were forced to meet hers. Those beautiful eyes… no. He can not think that, she was the Princess. He was a street rat… A nobody.

Jasmine said, “Please, just call me Jasmine.”

“Your Majesty… might I be given permission to speak?” he asked, disregarding her request for sake of propriety which, he supposed, was ironic, because he was anything but proper.

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