The monkey and the wedge

Once upon a time there was a rich merchant. He started building a temple in the middle of forest. Many masons and carpenters were working for the merchant. Every day they would take some time off to go to the town for their lunch. One Day, When they left for lunch a batch of monkeys landed at the temple site and whatever monkeys caught began playing with their fancy. One of The monkeys saw a log of wood sawed partly and fixed a wedge in it so that it does not close up. Curious to know what it is, the monkey began furiously tugging at The Wedge. At last the wedge came off, trapping the monkey’s neck into the rift of the log. Monkey was not able to get his neck out of the rift of the log and as the rift closed the monkey died.

Therefore, it is not wise to poke nose into affairs that are not our concern.

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