The proud Lady Finger

Once there live a beautiful Lady Finger at a farm. All the vegetables wanted to be friends with her, but she was very proud.

One day a Potato asked,”Oh pretty Lady Finger, will you be my pal”.

Lady Finger looked at him rudely and said, “I am tall, slim and smart. Look at my lush, green color. You are fat, shapeless and ugly. You do not worth to be my friend.”


The poor Potato was sad but not disheartened. I no time he made many other friends and soon all vegetables – carrots, reddish, peas, tomatoes, spinach, brinjal, onions, chillies were his friend. All of them played together and had great fun.

The Lady Finger was left all along. She had no friend and soon she was very bored. And then she released her mistake. She was sorry for her acts of arrogance. She went up to Potato and said, “Sorry dear, can be be friends?”


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