The Rat and the Loin

The Rat and the Loin
The Rat and the Loin
Once upon a time in a jungle lived a Loin. He would take an afternoon nap under a big Mango tree. One day, a Rat was jumping around the Mango tree when the Lion was taking his nap. The Rat jumped on the Loin’s noise. The Loin woke up and roared in anger, “Who dare disrupt my nap?”

Finding the Rat on his noise, the Loin grabbed him tightly in his claws. “You tiny rat, how dare you jump on my noise. Don’t you know who I am? I will not spare you for this”, said the Loin.

“My lord, please forgive me, I was not aware you were sleeping under the tree”, the Rat pleaded. The Loin said, “You you have caused me discomfort and now you are going to pay the piper”.

“Oh King of Jungle, do me the favor, let me off this time, and I shall one day come to your rescue. I shall then pay you back.”

The Loin laughed to his heart and said, “Fool, a tiny rat is of what help to a giant beast like me”. But the Loin forgave the mouse for the reason that he made him laugh.

Some days later, when the Rat was taking his evening walk in the jungle, he hears sounds of some animal calling for help. He following the call reached under the Mango tree. To his surprise he found the Loin is trapped in a hunter’s trap.

The Loin exercised all his power to break the net but for no good. Rat told the Loin, “Don’t worry for I am here I will free you from this hunter’s net.”

The Rat bit into pieces and cut apart that net with his sharp teeth. The Loin now could break out of the net. The Loin was very grateful of the Rat and said, “Friend, you have saved my life, I am thankful of you”.
There after the Rat and the Loin became good friends and lived in the forest. The Loin has now realized that even the small and tiny person can be of great help.

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