The Rumour: The Earth is breaking

The King Lion addressing the Animals

Once upon a time, there lived a Hare in a forest. One day while the Hare was resting under a banyan tree, he thought, “What would happen, if the Earth were to break? “.

Suddenly, he heard a weird sound. He said, “It has happened, the Earth is breaking up”. He jumped up and ran madly without giving a thought.

When he was running through the Forest, a rat saw him and asked, “What happened? Where are you running in pannic? “. The Hare cried, “The Earth is breaking up. You better run too “. The Rat ran so fast that he overtook The Hare. As they were passing the forest, both of them soread this news to other animals of the forest, “The Earth is breaking up. the Earth is breaking up “. Very soon, thousands of animals Were running through the Forest.

The news spread from mouth to mouth and soon, everyone knew that the earth was breaking up. All creatures, whether birds or reptiles, insects or oven-footed animals, everyone was trying to escape and their cries of fear created chaos all around.

A lion, standing on a hill would be all this chaos. He thought what could be the matter? Why so pannic?.

He ran down the hill and rapidly positioned himself in front of the Crowd. He shouted at them, “Stop! Stop! “.

The presence of the King Lion curtailed the rising wave of fright among the animals. A parrot yelled, “My Lord, The Earth is breaking up”.

The Lion asked, “Who said tt? “.

Replied the Parrot, “I Heard it from the monkeys”.

When the monkeys were asked, they replied heard it from the stags. When the stags were asked, it was found that they were informed by the elephants. The elephant told that The buffalo formed their source. And the buffalos hear it for the rat. Finally, when the hare was caught up.

Then the Lion asked the Hare, “What made you think that the Earth is breaking up?”

The Hare wavering in fear answered, “Your Majesty, I heard it with my own ears the cracking sound of the Earth.”

The Lion examined the matter and ultimately, he came to know that the sound Hare heard was of a large coconut falling from a tree. The coconut fell on a pile of rocks causing minor landslide.

Lion said to all the animals, “Go back to your homes. The Earth is absolutely safe. Next time onwards, check a rumor before acting on it.”

The stupid animals then went back to their Homes.

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