The sage and the female mouse

Once there was a great kind hearted sage, named Salankayana. He would save anyone who came to his for protection and shelter. Knowing this, a female mouse Salankayana then prayed, “O sage, please give me shelter in your hermitage.  Otherwise, some wicked bird will kill me.  I will spend the rest of my life with whatever leftovers you choose to feed me with. “

The female mouse’s prayer moved to the sage. He thought if he took her home, people might laugh at him.  So, he has turned the mouse into a beautiful girl and took her home.

“What is this you have brought,” asked the sage’s wife.  Where did you bring this girl from? ”

“She is a female mouse.  She needed protection from wicked birds.  That’s why I turned her into a girl and brought her home.”, said the wise.

“What was very wise of you,” pleaded His wife, “You have saved her life and you have therefore become her father.  I do not have a child.  Since you are her Father, she becomes my daughter”. The sage accepted her plea.

The girl grew into a beautiful woman and became eligible to be a bride.  Salankayana told his wife, “The girl has come of age.  It is not proper for her to remain in our house.  We should look for a good groom for her and get her married.”
“It’s all right.  Look for a boy “, said His wife.

Immediately Salankayana summoned the Sun and told him, “This is my daughter.  If she is willing to marry you, get ready to marry her.”

Then he showed the Sun to his daughter and asked her if she would marry the Sun.  She said that the Sun was very hot and she would prefer someone else.  The sage then summoned the god of clouds, the god of wind and the god of mountains. The girl rejected every one of them is one ground or the other.

Then the god of mountains told the sage, “The most suitable candidate for your daughter is a mouse.  He is more powerful than I am.”

The wise then turned her into a mouse and gave her away to a king of mice in marriage.

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