The Smart Lamb and the Wolf

Kiddo and the Wolf
Once there was a great farm where lived a goat and her lamb, Kiddo. Kiddo and her mother grazed with their herd of goats at the edge of a forest.

Kiddo was a playful and naughty lamb. One day, he left the herd and ran off into the forest.

Kiddo wandered off a little far from the herd. As the Sun was coming down and night was approaching, His mother called from searched for him and called out, “Kiddo! Kiddo! Where are you? Come back, we are leaving.”

Though he could hear the call but ignored it. The grass was too delicious and Kiddo was engrossed in his own thoughts. Since Kiddo did not reply back the call and mother could not spot him. His mother along with the flock went back to farm leaving Kiddo behind in the forest.

Soon it was sunset and suddenly Kiddo became aware that he was alone. He ran around searching for his herd but he was hopelessly lost. He was close but could not find the way in to the farm.

Lurking in the shadows was a wicked wolf. Slowly he came prowling out of his hiding.

As he was about to pounce on the helpless lamb, Kiddo went down on his knees and pleaded, “Oh great Wolf, before you kill me, I have a last wish.”

The wolf was flattered and agreed to grant a wish.

“You are such a kind hearted wolf,” said Kiddo. “All you need to do is sing a song for me and I will dance to your tune.”

The wolf liked the idea of a little singing and dancing before supper, so he struck up a merry song and Kiddo jumped and danced merrily. Kiddo hoped that somebody would hear the wolf singing and come to his help.

The silent evening carried the wolf’s tune to the little distant farm. It reached the sharp ears of the alert shepherd dogs. Before the wolf could finish this song, he saw the ferocious dogs speeding towards him. Kiddo saw this and hid himself behind the trees. Relieved to be alive, Kiddo returned home safly with the sheperd dogs.

Lesson : You can outwit your enemies with clever thinking.

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