The wise Fox

Fox and Tiger
Fox and Tiger

Where once lived a wise Fox in the forest of Madhavghad. Every day after her lunch she would take a nap. She would hide herself inside bushes while she slept.

Unfortunately this afternoon a hungry Tiger saw the Fox.

“Ah! what a lovely lunch for me today.”, said the Tiger to himself. As the Tiger made his way inside, the Fox woke-up. But she was trapped with no where to go now.

When Tiger jumped on Fox, Fox cried out, “How dare you attack the King of the Jungle!”

Tiger looked at him in amazement, “Nonsense! You are not King!”

“Certainly I am,” replied Fox, “All the animals run from me in terror! If you want proof, come with me.” Fox went into the forest with Tiger at his heels. When they came to a herd of deer, the deer saw Tiger behind Fox and ran in all directions.

They came to a group of monkeys. The monkeys saw Tiger behind Fox and they fled. Fox turned to Tiger and said, “Do you need more proof than that? See how the animals flee at the very sight me?!”

“I’m surprised, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Forgive me for attacking you, Great King.” Tiger bowed low and with great ceremony he let Fox go.

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