The witty jackal and the foolish loin

Once up on a time deep in the rain forest lived a lion named Kharanakara.  One day, he was very hungry for a prey and looked in every nook and corner of the forest.  There was no animal, big or small, as far as he could see.  As he was wandering in search of food he found a big cave and thought, “There must be some animals living here.  If so, it is bound to return to the cellar in the evening.  I will hide myself in the cave and when the animal returns, I will make a kill and have a good meal. “

On sun set, Dadhiputcha, a jackal, came to the cave that was his home and saw the footprints of the lion entering the cellar.  There were, however, no traces of footprints to show that the lion left.  Scared, the Jackal wanted to make sure that there was no lion or some other big animal inside the cellar.  How Should he know?  He hit upon a brilliant idea.

The jackal went near the cellar and began shouting, “Hello cellar, I am your friend here.” There was no reply from the cellar.  He did not know what to do.  He shouted again, “Hello cellar, do not you remember the arrangement we made?  I have to shout when I arrived at the cave and you will ask me to come in. Without your green signal I do not enter the cellar.  Since you are silent, I will go to some other cellar. ”

The lion heard the jackal speaking and thought, “Ah, there’s seems to be an arrangement between the cellar and this animal.  Let me get him into my trap.  I will shout back to welcome him and he will walk in happily. ”

Then the lion roared, “Jackal hi, come in. You are welcome.”

The jackal at once knew it was a Lion inside the cellar and hurriedly fled the place.

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