Turtle and two swans

Once there was a turtle that lived in a small pond.  His name was Kambugriva. He had two friends, Sankat and Vikata. They both were swans. Every day they would meet at the pound and chat. The swans used to fly back before sunset.

One of the year there was no rain and the pond started drying.

The swans were worried for the turtle and said, “Friend, what will happen to you?  We are concerned. ”

“I appreciate your concern for me.  There is trouble ahead.  Please find a way out of this crisis.  It is important goal that we should not give in to despair.  According To Manu, all good men should “come to the rescue of friends and relative in times of need.  Look for a stick.  I will hang on to it as you hold both of the two sides of the stick and ferry me to another big pond.”

“We shall do as you say,” The swans said, “But you have to shut your mouth.  Otherwise, you will fall on the ground and die.”

The swans brought a stick and asked the turtle to hold it with his teeth.  When everything was ready, the swans flew off with the turtle hanging from it.  On the way people saw this sight and exclaimed, “See, how clever the birds are.” In trying to respond to the people, the turtle opened his mouth and fell to the ground & died at once.

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