Two monks and a beautiful lady

Two Monks
Two Monks

Once there live two monks in the woods and they would visit the nearby villages for alms. One day when they were returning back to their monastery singing the glory of the god, they saw an extremely beautiful lady. She was so beautiful that we couldn’t ignore her presence and there persisted a deep silence between the two.

The lady was bare foot and the road ahead was laid with glass and nails.

“She is too delicate to walk on this patch of road”, thought one of the monks. He picked the lady in his arms and walked. He dropped the lady to the point from where she can walk herself.

After that both the monks again continued the journey. The other monk has been silent for some time and when they were just to reach the monastery he exploded on the first monk for carrying the lady in his arms, “You know we are practicing celibacy, how could you carry the young woman in your arms?”

The first monk replied to it, “I carried and dropped her long back, but you are still carrying her!”

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