Vikram Betal – Story of a brave boy

Vikam Betal

As the King Vikramaditya (Vikram), come to take the Betal, the vampire. The Betals agrees to come with Vikram with a promise that the King will maintain complete silence through out the journey lest Betal will fly back. Betal tells Vikram, “You are a brave and wise King, so let me narate you the story of a brave boy as you carry me to the Monk.”

Once upon a time there lived a king called Jairajan. One day he discovered that his relatives were conspiring to kill him and takeover the kingdom. Jairajan loved his kins so much that to avoid bloodshed, Jairajan gave up his crown and went to live in a far-off village . In the village he fell in love and got married to the girl. They started living happily.

One day, while returning home he saw a pile of human bones lying on the way. He was shocked to see that. He hurried back home and told his wife about the incident. She told him that the wicked king was sacrificing young boys to the eagle, Garuda. Jairajan found out that the next time, a boy named Shankar has volunteered to sacrifice his own life. He met Shankar’s parents and offered to sacrifice his life instead, though Shankar protested.

On the day of the sacrifice, Garuda whisked Jairajan away. Shankar risked his life and ran to save Jairajan, but to no avail. When the news reached Jairajan’s wife she begged Garuda to return her husband. Seeing her love and devotion for her husband, Garuda gave back Jairajan’s life.

Coming back to life Jairajan prayed to Garuda to revive all the other corpses. The eagle fulfilled his wish as well.

Now Betal cunningly asked Vikram, “Oh, great king, answere me with all your wit, whose sacrifice was greater, Shankar’s or Jairajan’s or I will break your head into peaces”

Vikram promptly replied, “Shankar. Though he was a mere boy he volunteered to sacrifice his own life.”

As Vikram had opened his mouth again, Betal flew away.

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