Vir, Pinky and her Giraffe legs!

One day Vir and Pinky went to a Zoo. There Pinky saw a giraffe eating leaves from a tall trees. She was fascinated by the hight of giraffe.[col type=”one-fourth”]



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“I wouldn’t have to wait for someone to puck mangos from the tree only if I too, had such long legs!” Pinky said to Vir. And Pinky decided to play some trick.

“Don’t be foolish, Pinky”, said Vir, “You might hurt yourself!”

But Pinky did not heed to Vir and collected some long bamboo sticks and tied them to her legs!

And as soon as Pinky tries to stand up on the bamboo sticks, she fell down and hurt her legs!

“Uuuuuuuu…..” cried Pinky in pain and thought, “What Vir said was correct.”

Vir took Pinky and nursed her wound and Pinky promised not to do this misadventure ever again.


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