Vir & Pinky go to watch Republic day Parade


Colourful images of India’s cultural heritage, manoeuvres by fighter aircraft, military prowess and march past by armed forces were on majestic display at Rajpath on January 26, 2014 as the nation celebrated its 65th Republic Day.

Vir and Pinky were present to witness the grand occasion. The stands were crowded, and all the people occupied their seats. Soon the parade started. Some friends in the front row of Pinky stood up. Pinky could not see the Parade at all. She began to shout angrily, “Mister sit down or move out!”.

Just then, Vir requested to the friends, “Excuse me, would you please sit down?”

The friends sat down.

“Pinky, if you are polite while talking to others, they will always heed your request”, Vir explained to Pinky.

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